Terri Karl

Terri is young, pretty, and energetic. She has platinum blonde hair, and wears white, elegant attire. She is very outgoing and easy to be with. She prefers to get out of difficult situations by deception.


Gaeriel captison

Medium Human noble 6/nonheroic 6
Force 11; Dark Side 0
Init 8; Senses Perception +7
Languages Basic + 1
Defenses Ref 19 (FF 17), Fort 16, Will 19
HP 38; Threshold 16
Speed 6 squares
Melee Unarmed +7 (1d4
Ranged Hold-out Blaster 11 (3d43)
Ranged Hold-out Blaster 6/6 (3d4+3) w/ Double Attack
BAB 8; Grp +10
Attack Options Double Attack
Special Actions Dodge, Inspire Confidence, Quick Draw
Abilities Str 8, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 18
Talents: Connections, Inspire Confidence, Wealth (x1)
Feats: Dodge, Double Attack (pistol), Quick Draw, Skill Focus (x3), Skill Training (x4), Weapon Focus (pistols), WP
Skills: Deception +15, Gather Info. +20, Knowledge(bureaucracy, galactic lore) +12, Knowledge (Social Sciences)
17, Persuasion +20, Use Computer +12
Gear: Austere Clothing, Hold-out Blaster, Long-range Comlink (x1), Credit Chip (x1), Data Pad w/ Itinerary


A member of a distinguished noble family of the Old Republic, Terri Karl has been an Alliance agent for years. Terri discovered that beauty, youth, and an air-headed manner invite people not to consider her a serious threat. She pretends to be interested only in clothes and trendy music. Terri has been a major organizer on Lianna for three years. She has a number of contacts in Lola Curich, including Jenna Lars, Darren T. Weeb, and Kashan Santhe.

Terri Karl

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